Every Business relocation today involves some manner of IT. This may range from an small number of IT stations through to larger networked clustered server racks.

Lowes are positioned to handle such delicate and business critical items.

Our skilled engineers will in advance site survey and produce a plan of relocation, and ensure with you that you are aware of issues in respect to arranging the correct communications for the operation of the equipment.

Our staff will wrap in anti static bubble wrap and then separately pack the IT equipment into designed cages or purpose built plastic protective crates, before transferring onto one of our air ride vehicles.

The PC’s will then be placed onto the desks and network linked and tested. Our IT teams can also work alongside your in house IT team during a relocation.

Free No Obligation Quotation

Our fully trained and courteous staff will be able to arrange in advance at a convenient time one of our surveyors to view your effects that have to be moved; alternatively please complete our online quote. When we receive all your information we will forward a quotation with a full breakdown and recommend a schedule for a part load service or a direct move that suits your timetable and budget.

Storage Services and Facilities

Lowes are able to offer four very different unique types of specialist storage. This will be particularly useful if you are unable to immediately move directly into your new Home.

Protected by Insurance

As the company is Authorised and Regulated by The Financial Services Authority, we are able to offer comprehensive insurance in respect to your removal. A detailed breakdown of these charges will be provided in your quotation.

Further Information

After each removal you will be asked to complete a Satisfaction questionnaire. This alternatively can be done online. We always analyse our performance and continually look at areas to improve our service we offer our clients.

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