Relocating IT Equipment in Chester

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Seamless IT relocation without any hassle.

Every business relocation today involves some manner of IT. This may range from an small number of IT stations through to larger networked clustered server racks.

Lowes are positioned to handle such delicate and business critical items.

Let this be your smoothest relocation experience!

Our skilled engineers will in advance site survey and produce a plan of relocation, and ensure with you that you are aware of issues in respect to arranging the correct communications for the operation of the equipment.

Our staff will wrap in anti static bubble wrap and then separately pack the IT equipment into designed cages or purpose built plastic protective crates, before transferring onto one of our air ride vehicles.

The PC’s will then be placed onto the desks and network linked and tested. Our IT teams can also work alongside your in house IT team during a relocation.

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Our core values

At Lowes of Chester, our core values are the principles we live by every day. They guide our actions, decisions, and the way we interact with every person we help move.


Our goal is to support you, offering a reassuring and empathetic presence during big life changes – because we know how stressful moving can get.


We take care of your stuff like it's our own. Imagine us as your personal item protectors, making sure everything gets from A to B safe and sound.


Rely on us to be there, rain or shine. Being there when we promise, ensuring every move runs smoothly and steadily, is our commitment to you.

Why choose us for your business move?

Comprehensive Insurance

Move with peace of mind, knowing your business assets are fully covered every step of the way with our comprehensive insurance policies.

Minimal Corporate Downtime

Our efficient moving process is designed to keep your business operational, minimising downtime and keeping productivity on track.

IT Relocation Services

We offer specialised services for safely moving your IT equipment, so that everything is up and running in your new location as soon as possible.

Flexible Storage Solutions

Need to store documents or equipment? Our secure storage options provide flexibility during your transition, keeping your assets safe.

Your moving journey with us

Understand our approach and feel confident at every stage of your move.

Get a free quote

Start with a detailed assessment of your needs, guiding you to the best solutions and services, and get a free quote.

Detailed moving plan

Receive a customised plan that addresses your specific removal, moving, and storage requirements.

Move without the hassle

Rest assured as our expert team handles your move with precision, care, and clear communication.

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