Removals to Canada

At Lowes of Chester, we are committed to quality and professional removal and packing services

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Guiding you every step of the way

Lowes Removals and Storage proudly stands as a well-established family business dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and performance.

With our expertise, we focus on facilitating seamless relocations for families, ensuring their belongings are safely transported to various destinations across Canada.

Let your dream move to Canada be stress-free!

Our staff are trained from the operatives through to the account managers who will handle the shipment of your effects. We operate a weekly groupage schedule service to Vancouver Ontario and Toronto but equally can arrange a container for your sole requirements.

Over the years Lowes has established a network of tried and tested overseas agents who act on our behalf for you in Canada. They will deal with the local customs formalities and liaise directly with you to discuss the progress of the move prior to arranging final delivery where all your personal effects will be placed into your home and professionally unpacked.

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So whether you are relocating on business or finding a new Life in Canada trust in Lowes, it will be the finest move you’ll ever make.

International removal services: The Lowes of Chester advantage

Trusted Insurance

Our comprehensive insurance means you can move without worry. Every step of your journey is covered, offering you the reassurance you need during this big change.

Packing Perfection

Every item receives the royal treatment, wrapped and packed with precision. Our methods are designed for durability and safety, so that everything from the delicate to the durable arrives in pristine condition.

Straightforward Customs

Dealing with customs can be daunting. We simplify it, taking care of all the paperwork and procedures to get your belongings across borders without any stress.

Flexible Storage Solutions

Sometimes, timing doesn’t quite line up. Whether you’re waiting on keys or taking your time settling in, our secure, accessible storage solutions are ready for your belongings, offering flexibility and security exactly when you need it.

Your moving journey with us

Understand our approach and feel confident at every stage of your move.

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Detailed moving plan

Receive a customised plan that addresses your specific removal, moving, and storage requirements.

Move without the hassle

Rest assured as our expert team handles your move with precision, care, and clear communication.

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